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    I'm new again thread!

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    I'm new again thread!

    Post by muvs32 on 2011-05-10, 17:00

    Hello to all my fellow gamers. I had tried a year or more ago to get back into RPGing and was not totally successful as the best I did was to return to playing NeverwinterNight's online as a player and DM. Through my tenure as P?DM on NwN I have become familiar with the D20 D&D 3.5 rules but have never played PnP with that system. However I would not consider myself a complete newcomer to the RPG scene at all, merely rusty on the table top gaming platform. I have had some memorable moments on NwN and it has been enjoyable for the most part but suffers from the limitations of the game engine even though it is by far the most PnP like CRPG out. Now I want to take a further step and see if the old magic of gaming will return.

    To give a brief (as poss.) description of my play style and inspirations I will give a few names of authors I admire. First is Robert E.Howard and H.P.Lovecraft and writers that have been influence by them such as Fritz Lieber, L.S.Decamp, Robert Jordan, Andrew Offutt and many others. I also admire of course J.R.R.Tolkien and some authers who have followed his tradition, most notably Weis&Hickman, Terry Brooks and a few other TSR?WotC writers. I am not however a fan of R.L. Salvatore and have not as yet been able to finish a book he has written. I can understand the draw of the Drow for some and the F.R. world of high magic, multitudinous sub-races and deity heavy build but I find I prefer a dark fantasy world that more resembles our earlier staged earth and the like.

    I like the idea of magic having a price to be paid by those who would use it and having a darker feel to magic overall. After reading around on the internet I have discovered a couple rule sets that I think I might enjoy at least as much or more then 3.5/D20 but have little in common with the D&D 4E game. (not a putdown just not for me as I own a PHB and do not feel very compelled to try it)

    I do have some it of criteria that I would place upon my gaming. I would rather not jump into a game if I feel from the start I have little interest in or uses a high magic system. I am not very big on the use of potions as used in WoW or lax rules on resurrections and the like. I am definitely a low magic world adherent but would always consider a homebrew with a magic system ext. that was consistent within it's own sphere. I tend to play warriors in the S&S mold but still would rather not interfere in a campaign that has a vanilla magic system even if XP is deducted for it's use. I would like to experience a world of dark magic where wizards are something to be looked upon in awe if not outright feared and misunderstood. I have to say that RP and the atmosphere provided might be the things that especially draw me into a game.

    I hope I do not sound elitist or too picky ext. but I don't think it is very enjoyable to have people commit to joining a game on whim then dropping out of a game, when in their heart they knew it would in all probability not be to their liking. I had this happen more then a few times during my online DMing and either players would be bored or distracting to others due to their lack of motivation. I think of joining a game as a commitment and expect the same in return. Joining a campaign just to be in a game is probably not fare to ones self much less the other players and of course the DM/GM. I.M.H.O.

    Well, that is a bit about me and my preferences. I think of myself of a humble sort that does not try to railroad stories and players and is mostly committed to an enjoyable gaming atmosphere and mutual respect and fairness to others...that kind'a stuff. I am 36 and consider myself fairly mature but I place no restriction on the type of player base I would consider joining. I know that I was more RPG minded when I was 15-16 and would have made a better player then, then now:) I hope to get into a campaign with some like minded folks (within reason) in the near future.

    Thanks in advance for reading this tome:) Muvs32 Suspect
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    Re: I'm new again thread!

    Post by Imperator on 2011-05-11, 22:06

    Welcome Muvs.

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    Re: I'm new again thread!

    Post by j-smuv on 2011-05-12, 21:06

    Yes, Welcome! It's great to have you in the forums!

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    Re: I'm new again thread!

    Post by dhlevine on 2011-05-14, 22:00

    Welcome, Muvs!

    I share your affection for dark/low magic systems - and have run some myself in the day, but I'm about to kip off to Ghana to teach for a semester, so not starting anything new right now.

    However, I know that ZeroTheFool (another member here) has been interested in Sorcerer, which sounds like it may fit your bill nicely. You might want to hit him up and see if y'all can work something out. Or you can wait for me to get home in January and hopefully start up my incredibly niche Sorcerer-in-1990s-Liberia game.

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    Re: I'm new again thread!

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