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    Return of the Old World: Seeking Players

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    Return of the Old World: Seeking Players

    Post by Ubersaint on 2011-07-07, 03:34

    I've currently just moved into the Aberdeen Area and wish to start up a Campaign using any system prefered by the group or i'll use something laying around my house. As with all things many people will ask my the what level and world and such but i can't give you a lot of information without settling with the system so think low levels and low on magic/power. I prefer to run detail oriented games so don't think i won't remember something you did Twisted Evil in a past game. Post here or by the powers of technological means contact my via cell at 9 1 2 9 8 0 05 4 Six and ask for Joe
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    Re: Return of the Old World: Seeking Players

    Post by Adam Dray on 2011-08-12, 23:00

    There are two game stores within a short distance of you. One is new, in Abingdon, I think. The other used to be on 40, near Bel Air Rd. and the Amtrak. Helpful, I know. If you need more info, I could probably chase it down for you. In any case, you should be able to find local folks to game with there.

    And here! There are Harford County people here, too. Just trying to give you a second avenue.

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