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    Just a quick hello

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    Just a quick hello Empty Just a quick hello

    Post by VoxNoir on 2012-03-20, 12:18

    Afternoon boys n girls. My name is VoX and I hate doing these intro yourself things. So hard to encapsulate myself in a few quick sentences. But here we go:

    I love gaming in all its many incarnations: table Top RPGS (very experienced, MMORPG's (Very Experienced), table top miniature games (very interested, next to no experience) and of course action/adventure video games (Very experienced).

    I currently run a tabletop RPG with some good friends and am mainly here to be around like minded people and possibly find some new blood to introduce to our merry band of hoodlums and hooligans.

    So thats a snapshot of me kinda. There's more of course but dont want this to get too long. Hope to chat with some of you in the near future!

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    Just a quick hello Empty Re: Just a quick hello

    Post by Imperator on 2012-03-27, 10:10

    Welcome to the Guild. Maybe you could let us in on whereabouts you are located? I myself am down in Crownsvilee between Annapolis and Fort Meade/Odenton.

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