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    New to Towson area, always looking for new friends & new games!

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    New to Towson area, always looking for new friends & new games! Empty New to Towson area, always looking for new friends & new games!

    Post by BrandonNuckols on 2013-08-20, 15:33

    So I grew up playing games with my two brothers and am now living in the Baltimore area. I just recently started to branch out my love for these things over the last year and am looking to acquire as much knowledge and good times as possible! I haven't tackled too many things so far. I love playing Star Fluxx, Marvel Legendary, and Gloom.

    I am dying to get into my first D&D game so should anyone be charitable enough to let this newb adventurer run with your party I would be forever grateful! Or even if you have a game with spectators don't hesitate to invite me! I love watching series like Tabletop so even being able to hang and get introduced to other games would be awesome! Nothing is off the table, I am so hooked and am into everything (although completely ignorant of how to play) anything from Magic the Gathering, Settlers of Catan, to Warhammer. I guess my issue is I have always wanted to play these games but have never had anyone to play with.

    I am 26, extremely polite, quiet, respectful and a bit of an introvert. I plan on making it out to these events put on by the Heroes Guild and any other events I can find so don't hesitate to say hi. I also work right near Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie and am often in there looking for something good!

    I live in Parkville but am willing to travel anywhere really within a hour but farther in most cases.

    TL;DR : If you've got any kind of game going on and have room for one more, I'd love to join! You should be able to find all my contact info via my profile Smile

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