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    Just started.

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    Just started.

    Post by Imperator on 2009-12-12, 21:42

    I picked up my first set of Warhammer figures in September. I got the Dwarf/Goblin starter set and am about 1/4 of the way done with painting. From everything I've read so far, I'm leaning with going with a Goblin/Orc army. I'll probably start working on finishing the painting after football season.
    Where does everyone play? I've only have played at the Annapolis GW so far.

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    Re: Just started.

    Post by Chris on 2009-12-24, 18:51

    I'm not a WFB player anymore (I had a small Vampire Counts army back in the late-90s), but there are some WFB players at the Inner Circle Gaming Club. They meet Tuesday evenings alternately at Games & Stuff and the GW Bunker (both in Glen Burnie). They have more of a 40K following, but I know that the organizer Scooter is exclusively a WFB player and he should be able to help you find some games. If you meet any players, make sure to tell them about our site here, so we can keep building the community.


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