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    Al Huk's Elven Guides


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    Al Huk's Elven Guides

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-15, 14:22

    A lean, nut-brown and leathery elf leers at you from a filthy cushion in the center of this shady, ragged tent.

    "Ah, I see that you short-legs are too lazy to find your own way. I'm not surprised. (Oh, you have an elf with you? No brother of mine, that one.) Well, we can see you safe to your destination, so long as you can tell us the way. If you've got the jink."

    He waves away any complaints about previous service with a contemptuous hand.

    [MECHANICS: Let your DM know in advance if you plan to use Al Huk's services. If you do, it costs 100 gp x the average level of the party for him to send some elven guides with you to see you to your destination, but you need to have at least one PC who has been there before. This lets you reach any destination in The Waste without the need for skill checks, getting lost, etc. Oh, and when they leave you at your destination, everyone should make a Perception check at the Medium DC for the average party level. If more than half of you fail, you find currency and items worth another 50 gp x average party level missing.]

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