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    The Water Cult of Rhys


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    The Water Cult of Rhys

    Post by dhlevine on 2010-08-23, 10:41

    A fat man jangling with shells and trinkets has been buying drink for anyone who will listen to him. You take him up on your offer and he leans in with a ruddy, sun- and rum-blasted face.

    "I always have to unwind after dealing with those thrice-parched-they-be priests at Rhys! Sure, it's the most convenient spot for our caravans to stop on the way here from Gulg, but they want us to 'honor' their mighty spirits of that pit -- and by honor, of course, I mean pay through the nose! At least if they just asked me to pay instead of always hassling me about what I was carrying, and wanting to talk to me about how magic destroyed their precious world, ach!"

    When you make a significant nod at the weapons at your side, his eyes sparkle with interest (or perhaps just more rum).

    "Of course, with some help, House Tslaxa could certainly 'honor' the spirits just as effectively, if they could be made to see reason. Make some room for new leadership at Rhys and I could put some coin, and this - " he gestures at a strange fetish hanging on a thong around his neck - "given to me by one of Queen Lalai-Puy's trusted... and beautiful... servants, into the hands of such kind, devoted protectors of the spirits as yourselves."

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