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    DM Angela

    Post by Elvorix on 2010-09-28, 16:00

    I volunteered for this position when Daniel told me he needed more DMs for his crazy awesome Dark Sun open campaign. In theory I am an experienced D&D DM but before recently I had never played a Dark Sun game. After a few long nights with a hookah and the Dark Sun campaign setting books I'm raring to go (and eager to play).

    As a DM I generally try to balance role-play with combat, but since this is an open campaign I'll probably cut down on the role-playing a bit. I like to challenge players in combat so don't be surprised when half of your party gets bloodied during an encounter; I expect groups to be tactical and they will fair better in fights if they are.

    Something about logistics: my availability for DMing revolves around my college schedule so some nights are better than others. Generally Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not going to work. Weekends (which for me is Friday through Sunday) are only good with at least a weeks advance notice, two weeks is probably better. I can start as early as 7 on weeknights, noon on weekends and I don't want to ever run past 11PM if I can help it. I am unable to host so the venue will likely have to be at one of the player's houses.

    House Rules:

    -I also use the Obsidian Skill Challenge System.

    -Maximum of 6 players at a table.

    -No electronic dice rollers(I like the sound of dice Smile ).

    -I prefer if players have paper character sheets. I think laptops are distracting.

    Because Gaming is More Than the Rules.

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