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    Post by pumpkin-king on 2011-05-08, 22:54

    Hello to all. I live in Baltimore and am looking to into get some bi weekly gaming as my schedule is rather tight. I've been role playing for the better part of 24yrs so I am experienced. I've gamed with the same crowd for most of those years and want to experience other gamers and other gaming styles. I am also told I am a fair GM. I don't play D&D simply because I don't understand the "Kill,Loot,XP repeat" thing that D&D is famous for. I like character development and story telling not just hack and slash. Action in an RPG is great fun but it's a side dish and not the main course. Looking forward to chatting with you all. Thanks.

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    Re: Experienced.

    Post by j-smuv on 2011-05-12, 21:28

    Welcome! I like story-driven games too. D&D can be story driven and character based, but that doesn't mean that it's easy to find a D&D game that is story driven and character based. I hope you can find a game here. . . There are lots of great gamers here: indie gamers, intrigue gamers, wargamers, and power gamers.

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    Re: Experienced.

    Post by dhlevine on 2011-05-14, 21:56

    Welcome, PK. There are some other "experienced" folks around, even some who like stories! If there's something specific you're in the mood for, always feel free to hit up P4G, and I hope you find something to your liking.
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    Re: Experienced.

    Post by ib on 2011-08-09, 15:35

    Hi, Pumpkin King,

    First, I must say that I, too, am a story-driven gamer. I guess you're generally familiar with the concepts of min-maxing and power-gaming in general -- both genuine and fair in their own right, though they can become truly mind-numbing to those of us who'd like to derive a, shall we say, conscious, even intellectual pleasure from gaming.

    Anyway, since you're living in Baltimore -- and since I, too, am living in Baltimore -- why don't we start to get a group together. We don't have to commit to regular gaming yet, not to mention any kind of "campaign." In fact, maybe a non-committal start will help us better decide what kind of RPG we prefer to play, what kind of RPG will work best with the group of people we end up stringing together. But maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse.

    My main question, then, before we debate strategies and meanings and whatnot, is: Would you like to try to form a Baltimore group? I know I would. And by "Baltimore group" I mean a group in Baltimore proper -- the city itself -- at any not-too-distant, central place.

    Also, just to get a sense of things, what RPG's have you been playing? What RPG's have you been interested in trying out, or interested in re-hashing? Me, I'm a fan of all kinds of RPG's, though lately I've only DM-ed some 4E D&D campaigns, played a couple of Call of Cthulhu one-shots, and ... well, dreamed of getting back into some of the more plot-driven and truly challenging D&D settings from older editions (and I mean 1E and 2E), as well as endlessly reading RPG rulebooks for other games, such as Shadowrun, Traveller, Eclipse Phase, Paranoia, and others.

    So let me know (reply here or PM me) and maybe we can get something going.

    -- Ishai
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    Re: Experienced.

    Post by Logiwonk on 2011-09-09, 14:27

    Hey guys, Ishai and I are trying to get a baltimore 4 Ed game up and running. I'm 27 yo, moderate experience 2nd - 4th Ed and we're looking to start off with one-shots and maybe switch to a campaign once the group gels. Anyhow, let Ishai (ib) or I know if you're interested.
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    Re: Experienced.

    Post by Bohrdumb on 2011-09-09, 20:18

    I've already spoke with Logi, but I'm trying to pull together a Thursday night group 7:00-11:00. Expect it to be story driven, but I will admit I get as much intellectual joy out of a good tactical challenge as I do from weaving a story that intertwines the lives of the characters with the larger cycles of the game world.

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    Re: Experienced.

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