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    gm/player looking for a game-woodlawn/gwynn oak

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    gm/player looking for a game-woodlawn/gwynn oak Empty gm/player looking for a game-woodlawn/gwynn oak

    Post by tauntdragoon on 2011-10-06, 18:33

    im looking for a 3.5/pathfinder game to join or start the game i have now is dieing out my players are just not into it any more they are more worried about hanging out with each other then gameing it was going on for almost two years every friday night i ran a pathfinder/3.5/gestalt game i dont wana do another gestalt game to player powerfull i can run a game or be a player the only thing is i cant really do it at my house dont have the room but i dont have have transportation but i have plenty of time to put together a campaign im willing to teach the game to anyone who want to start one im in the woodlawn area by (security square mall)i do have a site for the game you can look at it it behind cause i fortgot to update it

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