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    GURPS Game in Overlea (East Baltimore)

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    GURPS Game in Overlea (East Baltimore) Empty GURPS Game in Overlea (East Baltimore)

    Post by VoxNoir on 2012-03-20, 13:51

    Hey boys n girls. I'm running a game I affectionately call Rogue Wars using the GURPS rule books. I created this dark world of urban magic and horror and invite you to delve into it with my established group of players. We meet weekly on Sundays from 6pm til no later than 12a at my apartment in Overlea (East Baltimore).

    Rogue Wars is set in a modern day Baltimore where magic, demons and a host of other monsters exist and roam freely unbeknownst to the world at large. Magic users in this world come in different forms. There are Wizards, very much the wizened seekers of knowledge and power of folklore; able to cast a myriad of spell and disdainful of all whom are not wizards. Also there are Mages who are more focused in their spell casting abilities and tend to focus on one specific school of casting such as fire, necromancy etc… but are hindered by learning all the pre-requisite spells in a chain. For example: in order to learn a fireball spell a Mage MUST learn create fire, shape fire etc… At the bottom rung we find the Rogues, practitioners of what Wizards refer to as flash magic. They are able to cast any spell they can learn with no pre-requisites, though they are not as powerful as their mage or wizard counterparts they can be more flexible as they are not burdened with learning potentially useless spells. If a Rogue wants to learn a fireball spell he or she just has to find someone to transcribe it for them, learn it and that’s it.

    At present our group is made up of 3 players and me, 3 guys and 1 girl. I’m one of the guys just so ya know. We are all table top RPG veterans of games like DnD, Mage, Werewolf, Heroes , Rifts, Nightbane and more. But we are open to those new to gaming. The party of characters consists of a Rogue of Scottish ancestry (he revels in his Scott heritage) named appropriately enough Scotty, an ex-cop turned private detective named Darwin, and Clarissa a half demon. By the way the characters are not aware that she is a half demon but know something is up with her increased strength and bouts of bloodlust.
    About GURPS: If you’ve never played a GURPS game you may be in for a treat. It has some of the most flexible character creation rules I’ve come across. It truly allows you, within the guidelines of the game world, to create whatever kind of character you choose. It is a skills based system with your skills being mainly based on the associated statistic. For example: your gun skill is Dexterity based so the higher your dex the better your natural shooting ability. You create a character from a pool of points you use to determine your stats and skills.

    About me as a GM: I believe it is more important for the players to enjoy themselves and to have a good, engaging story than to adhere strictly to the rules. The rules, in my opinion, are guidelines for the game and should help in moving the game along and enriching it rather than bogging it down and making the players feel shackled.

    Ok this got kinda long, apologies. I’ll stop it here for now. If you have any questions hit me up.
    Thanks for your time!

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