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    Ka'zack: Thri-Kreen Monk (striker)

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    The Waste Character
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    Ka'zack: Thri-Kreen Monk (striker)

    Post by seaniusmaximus on 2010-11-04, 23:30

    Ka'zack has always known the hunt. It is the only thing he can trust, anymore. After his clutch slowly dwindled, forced out of their settlements time and again, Ka'zack is the only one left. Fearing that his life will soon come to an end, his burning desire to rekindle his clutch is first on his mind. To do this, he must find a new clutch, and new clutch-mates. To do this he must travel. To travel he must have supplies...and money. As much as he may loathe to enter the cities, they always seem to have well-paying jobs. Jobs that require the hunt.

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